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Our company offers machining on conventional and CNC machines, round grinding and cooperative thermal processing. In the manufacturing process, we place emphasis on quality, flexibility and speed. Our company is a holder of ISO 9001:2015.

We have extensive experience in working with high-strength and wear resistant materials, such as manganese alloys, HARDOX, etc.

Horizontal boring machine WD 160 CNC
Table size 2000x2000 mm
Travel axis X 4200 mm
Travel axis Y 2100 mm
Travel axis Z 1400 mm
Load capacity max.15t

Horizontal boring machine WFT 13R CNC
Table size 1800x2200 mm
Travel axis X 5000 mm
Travel axis Y 3000 mm
Travel axis Z 2000 mm
Load capacity max.15t


Lathe carousel SKA 25 CNC
Clamping table diameter 2500 mm
Max. product diameter 2650 mm
Max. product height 1600 mm
Load capacity max.10t

Lathe carousel SSK20 CNC
Clamping table diameter 2000 mm
Max. product diameter 2300 mm
Max. product height 1800 mm
Load capacity max.15t

Grinding machine BU 63 NC
Grinding of outer diameters
Max. product diameter 630 mm
Max.product lenght 3000 mm
Load capacity max.3t

Universal lathe SU 100
Clamping table diameter1000 mm
Max. product diameter 1030 mm
Max. diameter over the suport 730 mm
Max. product lenght 4000 mm
Load capacity max.3t

Boring and milling centre FVP 50 CNC
Table dimension 1400x1000 mm
Travel axis X 1400 mm
Travel axis Y 1000 mm
Travel axis Z 600 mm
Load capacity max.3t

Milling console machine FGS 63 NCP
Table dimension1800x630 mm
Travel axis X 1400 mm
Travel axis Y 600 mm
Travel axis Z 630 mm
Load capacity max.3t

Universal lathe SU 80 CNC
Clamping table dimension 800 mm
Max. diameter over the suport 495 mm
Max. product lenght  2750 mm
Load capacity max.2,7t


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